My name is Rebecca, but most people call me Bec or Becca (it's all part of what influenced my brand bybec.ca). This is me wearing one out of thirty-five sweaters I own, and likely the only pair of shoes you will see me wearing between the first snowfall of the year and the last snowfall of the year.

Collage of me and my animals

I have spent the last 5 years in college working towards becoming a graphic designer and web designer and developer. Through blood, sweat and tears I have received two certificates and a diploma to show because of my hard work, dedication, and commitment.

What I’ve learned I like most about the industry is a reflection of my structured based lifestyle. I have gained a variety of skill sets such as graphic design, photography, web development and more, but my obsession with code and InDesign’s paragraph and character styles truly make my heart happy.

I am currently a Provisional RGD, Efficient document designer with a talent for developing strong, engaging visual brands. Using my extensive accessibility expertise I’m able to save companies valuable time and resources, and create efficient workflows that build company success. In addition, I’m a proven resourceful problem solver with robust technical knowledge, strong performan accountability and keen attention to detail.