Student Project | Web bybec.ca

A group collaboration by the graduating class of 2019 that focused on showcasing our diverse skillset of research, design, and development techniques to industry professionals.

Photo Cover Images

Dynamic shapes, bright colours, and bold text were brought from the wordmark into the design and students wore white to ensure unity, and cleanliness throughout the design.

Cover and Masthead

Hover states on photos and buttons were used throughout the design to provide users with simple but fun interactions once again combining the idea of fusion.

Team and My Role


Sheridan College's Class of 2019 Web Design and Development.

My Role

My role in this project was the grad show coordinator. As the grad show coordinator, I had an opportunity to work with teams of 3−5 people ensuring tasks were provided and deadlines were met. As the grad show coordinator, I participated in design reviews and coded both the landing page and student pages.